Reclaim your space: Declutter for a better work-life balance

It’s time to restore order and focus in our lives and transform your home from a chaotic office back into a serene sanctuary. (Image courtesy of Unsplash)

The work-from-home revolution brought us closer to our cluttered chaos than ever before. Our homes transformed into office spaces, with laptops in the kitchen and stacks of papers on the dining table. But now, as we head back to the office for in-person interactions, it is time to regain our space and sanity.

Research shows that clutter negatively impacts our cognitive function and overall well-being. Start by reclaiming that closet turned “cloffice,” clearing your kitchen island and recovering your dining table. Embrace the flexibility of multipurpose furnishings and create a workspace that enhances both your productivity and peace of mind.

– Marty Brantley, Engel & Völkers New Orleans, The New Orleans 100